E-invoice authorisation

We issue invoices through most e-invoice operators. We require the following information for e-invoicing. 

If your company does not want to have all its bills as e-invoices, please specify the electricity contracts/contract numbers which will not be included in e-invoicing.

Remember also to inform changes in e-invoicing. Incomplete or incorrect e-invoicing information we can not handle.

E-invoice information

Company details

(Electricity customer)
(District heating customer)

E-invoice information

Fill in the information as required by your e-invoice operator. Operator is the e-invoicing service provider, bank or company that you have made an agreement on handling e-invoices. From verkkolaskuosoite.fi site you can check which bank or operator is responsible for forwarding your company's e-invoices.

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Most of our electricity customers have remotely read meters. In the district heating bill, the water flow and energy fees are itemised separately.

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