Renewable district heat for properties


Businesses and housing companies can now buy district heat produced with renewable energy sources or environmentally sustainable Recycled heat. Renewable district heating and Recycled heat are most eco-efficient heating energy choices in Helsinki.


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Heat from renewable energy sources

In our production we utilise renewable fuels, biogas and wood pellets, which are carbon-dioxide neutral and renewable energy sources.

In renewable district heat, biogas is produced from biodegradable waste and wood pellets from by-products of the forest industry.

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Reduce your property's carbon dioxide emissions

When you choose renewable district heat, your business or housing company will promote climate-neutral energy production. The carbon dioxide emissions are reduced with immediate effect, and there is no need to modify the heating system.

By using renewable district heat, your business or housing company can bolster its image as a responsible actor. Your company can meet the terms of environmental classifications or improve its current position. You will receive an annual emission factor for reporting purposes.

Renewable district heat is flexible

We offer renewable district heat in a flexible way for the needs of your business or housing company. You can choose a proportion of 5–100 per cent of renewable heat in your property's annual heat consumption. For a customer with less than 100 per cent of renewable district heat, the rest of the heat is delivered as ordinary district heat.

You will receive renewable district heat according to your energy consumption. Your basic charge remains unchanged, and the contract is valid until further notice.

Source of energy %
Biogas 11
Wood pellets 89

Origin of district heat 2018

Origin and specific emissions of renewable district heat

The specific carbon-dioxide emissions of renewable district heat is 0 g/kWh. Also see the origin and specific emissions of all sold district heat.

Choose district cooling and get a discount on renewable heat

If you are already our cooling customer, you will receive renewable district heat at a reduced price. We take your cooling heat into account in the price of renewable heat.

We calculate a customer-specific discount percentage for your business. The discount is calculated on the basis of the district heat and district cooling consumption in the previous year.

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