Solar power for companies

Solar energy production is emission-free and inexpensive. You can get the most comprehensive solar energy solutions for your company from us. 

Secure the benefits of solar energy for your company

Benefits of being self-sufficient

  • Locally produced solar electricity is often cheaper than electricity purchased from the network
  • A solar power plant with a tailor-made cooperation model that offers an optimal choice for your company, e.g. a plant completely without investments or commitment of resources by the customer
  • We will buy the surplus energy at market price

An environmentally conscious choice

  • Be at the forefront of utilising new forms of clean energy solutions
  • The cooling need of a building is reduced as a result of the sun’s shading effect
  • The consumption profile of electricity used by the property is improved
  • Products and services produced by solar energy are in great demand

Helen - a reliable partner

  • Forerunner in the utilisation of solar energy
  • Technology-neutral expert
  • Consultant for your company right from the start of solar energy projects
  • The most responsible operator in the market, which is particularly important in projects with a life cycle of decades
  • We have already built dozens of solar power plants of all sizes

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