We all share responsibility

Energy is an essential part of a functioning society. Every single day of the year, Helen delivers electricity, heat and cooling, as well as services related to the energy industry and electric traffic to its customers. We want to ensure that we are the most customer-oriented energy company in the market and make the opportunities of a new energy era available to everyone. We develop new solutions for increasingly cleaner energy production and sustainable consumption.

Responsibility report

Responsibility management

We aim to be the most responsible operator in the market. We are developing new, more sustainable energy solutions for our customers.
Responsibility report

Environmental responsibility

Reduction of environmental impacts is an important part of our activities. Our long-term goal is climate-neutral energy production.
Responsibility report


Our operations have an impact on many people. We want to create and maintain an open dialogue with our stakeholders.
Responsibility report

Economic responsibility

Economic responsibility is a basic requirement for our operations.

2025 Goals

- reduce carbon dioxide emissions by 40 %
- increase the share of renewable energy to 25 %
- halve the use of coal


Satisfied customers

Over 80 % of our private customers are satisfied with our services.