Electric car charging point for your home

We made it easy to buy a charging point for your electric car. We install the charging point within seven business days after ordering and get you started on how to use it.


Charging an electric vehicle at home is made simple

Safe and easy-to-use charging point for all electric vehicles

Charging an electric vehicle at home needs to be as quick and easy as driving it. Therefore, we are offering a charging point suitable for fully electric and hybrid cars installed at your detached house.

We will take care of installing and testing every charging point to make sure that charging is easy and safe from the very first charge. You will only need to focus on enjoying clean driving. As a Finnish forerunner in electric motoring, we want to make it possible to switch to electric traffic for as many people as possible. That is why we deliver charging points to all parts of the country.

Sähköauton latauslaite

Efficient charging of electric vehicles now and in the future

Garo’s easy-to-use charging device is an excellent choice for home charging. It is safe to use for charging both fully electric vehicles and plug-in hybrids – it is therefore also compatible with your next electric vehicle.

  • The price includes installation by a qualified electrician and all accessories
  • The device does not require authentication, you can start charging straight away
  • A fixed five-metre, type 2 charging cable makes charging easier – no need for a separate charging cable
  • Suitable for both plug-in hybrids and fully electric vehicles
  • Required charging capacity from 3.7 kW up to 22 kW
Sähköautoa ladataan Helenin latauspisteellä

Charging points also for housing companies and extensive Helen Lataus network

In addition to detached houses, it is quick and easy to acquire an electric vehicle charging point for housing companies, regardless of the type of your home.

When you are on the road, the extensive Helen Lataus charging network will ensure an uninterrupted journey. When you charge your electric vehicle with Helen Lataus, you are driving on environmentally friendly wind power.

Charging of electric vehicles in a housing company

Helen Lataus -network

Charging point installed at a detached house 1 450€

You may be entitled to tax credit for household expenses to the sum of 200 euros for the installation work.


Charging time of an electric vehicle is determined by the charging capacity

The charging time of an electric vehicle depends on the available charging capacity and the type of electric car.

The smaller battery of a plug-in hybrid electric vehicle is charged with a lower charging capacity while the more powerful battery of a fully electric vehicle can be charged with a higher capacity.

The highest possible charging capacity is determined according to the capacity of the customer’s electrical connection and the charging capacity of the electric vehicle. The capacity of the charging device is adjusted to the correct level in connection with the installation.

Charging capacity Charging time of a plug-in hybrid Charging time of a fully electric vehicle
3.7 kW 3 h 12 h
7.4 kW 1.5 h 6 h
11 kW   4 h
22 kW   2 h

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