Charging electric vehicles

Traffic is becoming electric, as are the parking spaces. We offer your housing company an easy and safe solution for charging electric vehicles.

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The most comprehensive solutions for charging all-electric and hybrid cars for a housing company

Electric car is charged at a charging point

Safe and easy charging of electric vehicles

We offer solutions suitable for the needs of housing companies, from a single charging point to the electrification of all parking spaces. Our experts will carry out a survey of the site and the customer need, and make a proposal for a suitable solution.

The charging solutions we deliver meet the national electrical safety requirements. We manage the safe installation of charging points and take care of the commissioning and maintenance of the charging service. We deliver charging solutions to all parts of Finland.

An electric car charged in a parking hall

Smart charging – without major investment

The smart charging points invoice the customer directly and according to use. Smart load management enables an even distribution of charging power when several vehicles are charged simultaneously.

The Housing Finance and Development Centre of Finland (ARA) grants subsidies for changes that need to be made to the electrical systems in properties as a result of electric vehicle charging points. The amount of subsidy is 45 per cent, and it is available for housing companies, rental housing associations and the parking companies owned by them. The subsidy can be increased to 55 per cent if at least half of the charging points acquired with the subsidy are rated at least at 11 kW.

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Electric vehicle charging for every need

Do you live in a detached home or are you thinking about acquiring electric vehicle charging points for your company? Helen also offers easy and efficient charging solutions for these situations.

Charging solutions for detached homes

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The most diverse selection of electric vehicle chargers

We offer chargers that are suitable for the Finnish conditions and have a safe disconnection of power. Our selection of chargers includes suitable devices to meet the varied needs of our customers. We have chargers for both full electric and hybrid vehicles. Most electric vehicles are charged at home, usually during the night. A semi-fast charging speed is excellent for this purpose.

Charging of hybrid and fully electric vehicles

Our selection includes several smart and durable choices for charging hybrid and fully electric vehicles: ICU Eve mini, ICU Eve and Ensto Chago Pro.

  • Charging time around 4-8 hours
  • Charging power 3,7 kW - 22 kW
  • Type 2 charging plug

Sähköauton ja hybridin lataus

Basic charging device

A good choice for a small housing company. Monitoring of the electricity consumption of charging takes place manually with the energy meter located in the device.

  • Delivery time 2 weeks
  • Charging power 3,7 kW
  • Type 2 charging plug or Type 2 charging cable

Acquiring a charging point for a housing company

  1. Survey
    We find out the property’s readiness for installing charging points for electric vehicles by carrying out a remote survey.
  2. Ordering a charging point
    The housing company will place an order according to the information obtained in the survey.
  3. Installation and deployment
    We take care of the installation and deployment of the charging points safely and in compliance with the requirements.
  4. Charging an electric vehicle
    Once the charging point has been installed, the service will invoice the charger of the electric vehicle directly - there will be no extra inconvenience to the housing company or the housing manager.

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