Services for housing companies

As a representative of a housing company, you can turn to us in all issues related to energy use, energy renovations, planning the property’s energy use, and energy-efficiency measures.


  • After the completion of energy-efficiency improvement projects, it is worth having the contracted water flow checked to make sure that the improvement measures will be taken into account in the district heating costs.

  • District cooling should be provided for in connection with plumbing renovation. The cost of making the reservation is low even if a decision on district cooling is not made yet.

  • Water-circulating underfloor heating is the most energy-efficient alternative in properties connected to district heating.

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By taking advantage of the monitoring of the property’s energy use, you can observe

  • the development of the property’s costs and consumption of electricity, district heat and district cooling

  • the impact of energy-efficiency measures and the functioning of the heating system

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  • District heat is the most carefree heating alternative in an urban property. It is a reliable method for heating indoor areas, and it is also excellent in outdoor areas to keep walkways, yard decks and driveways clear of ice and snow.

  • Basic adjustments to the radiator network and the controls of heating appliances should always be carried out in connection with any repairs.

  • Check the condition of electric radiators in the property as soon as summer is over.

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  • District heating equipment will last for 20–30 years: its replacement should be included in the long-term plan by the time the equipment is 20 years old.

  • The cost of replacing the equipment is about EUR 10,000–20,000 euros. We can provide equipment replacement free of charge.

Electricity in properties

  • We offer many kinds of electricity contracts for housing companies.

  • As our customer, you can rest easy knowing that the price of electricity for your housing company is favourable and stable in the long term.

  • We are happy to help you in all issues related to the electricity contracts or electricity use in your housing company.

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  • Your property can generate some of the required electricity with solar panels. That way, your property will help save the environment, and its value will increase. We can buy your surplus electricity at market price.

  • We also offer a  solar panel solution for individual shareholders.

  • It is also worth finding out about our solar power plant where you can reserve your designated panel.


  • Helen’s public charging points are part of the Virtapiste network. You can also acquire your own charging unit for your property. We sell charging units for companies.

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