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Solar panels for your home

Electricity generated by your own solar panels is renewable, free and clean energy. Due to the long summer days, solar power generation in Finland is as efficient as in Northern Germany and Denmark. Find out about our panel packages and contact us!

Renewable energy from your own roof with solar panels

Panels suitable for every type of roof

Solar panels are suitable for detached and terraced homes as well as apartment blocks, regardless of the type of roof. Our system components have been selected especially for the Finnish conditions, with specific mounting systems for different roof types. Our solar panel packages are always tailored to meet the customer's needs.

Self-sufficiency with new technology

Solar panels offer increased self-sufficiency with clean electricity generation. The new technologies we offer, such as electricity storage systems and control services, enable future development and expansion of the systems.

Solar energy is a worthwhile investment

Solar power is predicted to be one of the most favourably priced electricity production methods in the next few years. A solar power system will pay itself back already during its warranty period when we dimension it according to your actual electricity consumption. With the rising interest in solar power, solar panels will increase the value of your home in the housing market.

Aurinkopaneelit sopivat jokaiselle katolle.

What does the solar panel package include?

We deliver the packages as a turnkey service. All our packages include:

  • planning work taking your property and wishes into account
  • solar panels
  • inverter
  • brackets, cables and other necessary equipment and fastenings
  • professional installation and connection tasks, incl. applications for the necessary permits
  • monitoring your own production online and on your mobile
  • extensive warranty for the components of the solar power system
  • support throughout the life cycle of the system

We will purchase your surplus production back at the spot price if you are our electricity customer. You can draw up a microgeneration contract with us.

Five reasons to get solar panels from Helen

  1. You will receive everything you need for generating solar energy and increasing your self-sufficiency from one reliable supplier now and in the future.
  2. We tailor the solar solution exactly to your needs on the basis of your consumption data. You will have the option of extending the system easily with an electricity storage system or an electric vehicle charging point at a later date.
  3. We have selected the best solar panel suppliers on your behalf in order to ensure high quality of components and hassle-free service.
  4. We will provide you with the support of our experts throughout the life cycle of the solar power system.
  5. We have over a hundred years’ experience in the energy sector, and our expertise in solar energy is second to none. We have built two major solar power plants in Helsinki, connected the largest electricity storage facility in the Nordic countries to a solar power plant, and developed the Nimikkopaneeli service of designated solar panels. We carry out continuous research and development work.